ICE - onboard experience

A trip on an ICE is a great experience - these spacious trains have a wondeful restaurant carriage on board

ICE restaurant carriage

If you haven't travelled on an ICE train before, you're in for a treat.  Step on board and you wonder why more high-speed trains aren't built this way.

These trains are comfortable and spacious. There are loads of tables, big glass windows, loads of room.

Before you ask...the WiFi works well on ICE trains. Although don't spend too much time on your phone, because an enjoyable experience is all around you.

The trains are so good that when you step into a Second Class carriage, you'll probably mistake it for First Class (which turns out to be even more spacious).

These trains are beautifully quiet inside. A temple of train travel.

And then there's the restaurant carriage.

On-board dining

ICE restaurant carriage

The on-board restaurants on ICE trains are a thing of wonder, with freshly prepared hot and cold food and drinks, including wine and beers.

The staff are friendly and seem to take a great deal of price in the service they offer.

In the photo is a spagetti bolognaise, which was excellent. Served, as you can see, on real plates with steel cutlerly.

The prices are reasonable, comfortable seating, unhurried atmosphere and the views out the window as as you eat this a real pleasure.

The excellent Seat61 website has a photo of the ICE Bistro menu.

Second Class seating

2nd Class ICE carriage2nd Class ICE carriagePhoto: Deutche Bahn

This is one of the Second Class carriages in an ICE train. 

A high proportion of the seats have table seats, which means that you can play cards, games, have a picnic at the table, etc.

There's plenty of legroom - and of course you can stretch your legs with a walk down to the restaurant-carriage. You can bring food back to your table from the restaurant carriage, if you wish (but the restaurant carriage is also spacious and a nice place to enjoy a meal).

The large windows give you a good view of the passing scenery. Even the toilets are very spacious.

Honestly, these trains put most British offerings to shame, because they are designed with the passenger experience in mind, instead of trying to cram people into carriages.  Perhaps one day British trains will be redesigned this way.

First Class seating

ICE first class seatsICE first class seatsPhoto: Daniel Elkan

First Class has even more of a 'lounge' feel than Second Class.  

There are more leather seats and the leather seems more sofa-like. One of those seats you might relax into and never want to get up. And in fact, you don't need to. Because there's a waiter service (from the restaurant carriage) that brings meals to your table, if you so desire.