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Eurostar Snow will run for winter 2024-25

The 'Eurostar Snow' winter ski service will run for 2024-25...but what's different?
Thu 27 Jun 2024

How much for Eurostar Snow?

How much did seats on Eurostar Snow cost?
Wed 10 Jul 2024

Your stories

Your Stories (or should we call it 'Paw Stories') is a very useful thing
Mon 06 May 2024

Perfect ski holidays? I don't think so

Perfect ski holidays don't exist, so why offer them?
Tue 23 Apr 2024

Waiting for (Eurostar) Snow 2024-25

What needs to change with Eurostar Snow for 2024-25?
Sat 20 Apr 2024

Smug at 04:20am

Sometimes it's difficult to persuade people to go by train - until they fly...
Fri 05 Apr 2024

Skis and snowboards on TGV trains

SNCF's confusing website doesn't reflect the reality that you can take skis and snowboards on TGVs - here's the proof
Sun 11 Feb 2024

What I've learned about TER trains

TER trains are local trains in France
Wed 07 Feb 2024

Eurostar Snow for winter 2024-25?

What ski-train service will Eurostar offer skiers for winter 2024-25?
Wed 31 Jan 2024

Booking trains for Easter skiing

Thinking about a ski holiday by train at Easter? Or have just booked accommodation and want to book train travel?
Wed 03 Jan 2024

Easter trains: miaow you know

Trains in France for 25th March 2024 onwards go on sale on Wed 24th January 2024
Sat 16 Dec 2023

Rail-booking websites give wildly different results

Utterly bonkers: rail-booking websites give wildly different results
Thu 16 Nov 2023

London to Bourg St Maurice via Lille at half-term

Tickets for some TGVs at half term appeared to sell out immediately
Wed 15 Nov 2023

Cats, cucumbers and rail-booking algorithms

What cats and cucumbers can tell us about rail-booking algorithms
Mon 13 Nov 2023

Landslide means no Paris - Modane - Oulx trains

A landslide in August means that this winter there will be no Paris - Modane - Oulx services
Sun 15 Oct 2023
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