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Welcome to the snowcarbon blog

Welcome to the snowcarbon blog

Your stories

Your Stories (or should we call it 'Paw Stories') is a very useful thing
Mon 06 May 2024

Perfect ski holidays? I don't think so

Perfect ski holidays don't exist, so why offer them?
Tue 23 Apr 2024

Waiting for (Eurostar) Snow 2024-25

What needs to change with Eurostar Snow for 2024-25?
Sat 20 Apr 2024

Smug at 04:20am

Sometimes it's difficult to persuade people to go by train - until they fly...
Fri 05 Apr 2024

Skis and snowboards on TGV trains

SNCF's confusing website doesn't reflect the reality that you can take skis and snowboards on TGVs - here's the proof
Sun 11 Feb 2024

What I've learned about TER trains

TER trains are local trains in France
Wed 07 Feb 2024

Eurostar Snow for winter 2024-25?

What ski-train service will Eurostar offer skiers for winter 2024-25?
Wed 31 Jan 2024

Booking trains for Easter skiing

Thinking about a ski holiday by train at Easter? Or have just booked accommodation and want to book train travel?
Wed 03 Jan 2024

Easter trains: miaow you know

Trains in France for 25th March 2024 onwards go on sale on Wed 24th January 2024
Sat 16 Dec 2023

Rail-booking websites give wildly different results

Utterly bonkers: rail-booking websites give wildly different results
Thu 16 Nov 2023

London to Bourg St Maurice via Lille at half-term

Tickets for some TGVs at half term appeared to sell out immediately
Wed 15 Nov 2023

Cats, cucumbers and rail-booking algorithms

What cats and cucumbers can tell us about rail-booking algorithms
Mon 13 Nov 2023

Landslide means no Paris - Modane - Oulx trains

A landslide in August means that this winter there will be no Paris - Modane - Oulx services
Sun 15 Oct 2023

Can you change names on train tickets?

Can you change the name on a Eurostar or SNCF ticket? No. But do you need to? Not really.
Mon 20 Feb 2023

French train strikes - some info

French rail strikes are happening this weekend. Here's a pointer to a useful article about them.
Thu 09 Feb 2023
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