Train options

What are the different options for rail travel from the UK to the Alps or Pyrenees? The guides below give you an overview of each type of journey to put you in the picture

Eurostar + TGV

Combining a Eurostar with high-speed TGV train gets you to resorts in France, Switzerland and some in Austria too

Eurostar Snow

Eurostar launched this as new service for winter 2023-24. What about 2024-25?

Eurostar + Intercités de Nuit

Combining a Eurostar to Paris with an Intercités de Nuit couchette sleeper train means extra ski time in some resorts in the French Alps and Pyrenees

Eurostar Ski Train

The direct Eurostar Ski Train has been replaced by Eurostar's new indirect ski service, called Eurostar Snow

Rail travel to Swiss resorts

Switzerland has some of the finest ski resorts in the Alps and a fabulous train network

Travelski Express

Travelski Express is an all inclusive rail-ski package, from tour operator Travelski, with journeys on Eurostar Snow

Eurostar + NightJet to Austria

Combine a Eurostar with a NightJet sleeper train and you can reach the slopes of Austria, overnight

Eurostar + Alpen Express to Austria

The Alpen Express is paused for 2024-25 winter because the company is still searching for sleeper train carriages of the required standard