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Travelski Express

Guide to the Travelski Express

The Travelski Express is essentially a package on the Eurostar Snow service. Eurostar Snow is the replacement for direct Eurostar Ski Train. Travelski is a French ski tour operator owned by Compagnie des Alps (CDA).  CDA operates ski lifts in a number of big-name French resorts.

Confused already. Sorry.

Here's another way of explaining this, chronologically.

1. A few years ago, when the Covid pandemic hit, Eurostar cancelled the direct Eurostar Ski Train. Snowcarbon led a campaign to Save The Ski Train, in conjunction with Protect Our Winters, Ski Flight Free, France Montagnes and other organisations.

2. Eurostar didn't bring back the Ski Train exactly. Instead, they allowed French tour operator Travelski to charter the train privately.  They renamed and marketed the Ski Train as the Travelski Express. The only way that you could book tickets for this train was as part of an all-inclusive Travelski Express package of train + accommodation + transfer + ski pass. The packages were good value, but it certainly limited the range of accommodation that you could choose.

3. This exclusive arrangement lasted two seasons. But this year, Eurostar decided that it would:

a) not run a direct Ski Train to the Alps, instead running a service called Eurostar Snow, where you travel to from London to Lille Europe, and change there onto a Eurostar continental train to the Alps.

b) Allow a variety of ski tour operators to sell tickets on the train, as well as letting skiers book seats independently.

c) Run this service for a short season (mid December 2023 - early February 2024).

So that's what's happened.

So the Travelski Express, as it is still marketed by Travelski, is a package on the Eurostar Snow service.

Below you can find out more about how it works.

Step 1: Take the Travelski Express to the Alps

Eurostar Ski Train The Ski Train en route

The Travelski Express, being direct, is the simplest of journeys.

You get on, and 10 hours later you get off, in the Alps, a short transfer from lots of great resorts.

The outbound Travelski Express journey for winter 2023-24 is likely to be daytime - scenic and relaxed. 

The return journey for winter 2023-24 is likely to be overnight. The Travelski Express doesn't have flat beds, only sit up seats. This can make it difficult to get a comfortable night's sleep — or for some people, much sleep at all.

 In line with Eurostar's policy, alcohol is banned on the overnight train, but allowed on the daytime service.

Step 2: Transfer to your resort

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Once you arrive, there's the relatively short transfer the train station to the ski resort. These transfers are typically between 30 minutes and 50 minutes, and are far shorter than airport transfers - which can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours - or even longer.

Packages with Travelski Express include a transfer to the door your accommodation. It's certainly an advantage that Travelski is providing transfers, because it means that when the train arrives, you are straight into the transfer vehicle and on your way up to the resort.

There are mixed reviews about how smooth the transfer process is. It certainly seems that different skiers have had different experiences. 

Travelski Express timetable 2023-24

The Travelski Express timetable is the same as the Eurostar Snow timetable, because you are buying a package for the Eurostar Snow train. for winter 2022-23.

Outbound timetable

  • First outbound departure: Saturday 16 December 2023

  • Last outbound departure: Saturday 03 February 2024

Depart / arrive Train station Time
Depart London St Pancras 09:01
Arrive Lille Europe 11:27
Depart Lille Europe 12:15
Arrive Chambery 16:05
Arrive Albertville 16:48
Arrive Moutiers 17:30
Arrive Aime la Plagne 17:58
Arrive Landry 18:09
Arrive Bourg St Maurice 18:20

Inbound timetable

  • First inbound departure: Sunday 17 December 2023

  • Last inbound departure: Sunday 04 February 2024

Depart / arrive Train station Time
Depart Bourg St Maurice 08:11
Depart Landry 08:23
Depart Aime la Plagne 08:34
Depart Moutiers 08:52
Depart Albertville 09:26
Depart Chambery 10:21
Arrive Lille Europe 14:30
Depart Lille Europe 15:30
Arrive London St Pancras 15:57

Which ski resorts does Travelski Express serve?

Tickets for the Travelski Express can only be booked as part of a Travelski package that includes train + trainsfer + accommodation + 7-day ski pass. There's no fixed cost for the train element, and all the packages are dynamically priced, to respond to demand.

Resorts offered:
These are the eleven resorts you can have a Travelski Express holiday to: Couchevel, La Plagne, La Rosière, Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry, Les Menuires, Méribel, Saint Martin de Belleville, Tignes, Val d’Isère and Val Thorens.  

Resorts not offered
For reference, these four resorts are served by the same stations as the Travelski Express, but you can't book a Travelski Express package to them:  Doucy, La Tania, Sainte Foy  and Valmorel. Perhaps next year Travelski will include them too.

How much does the Travelski Express cost?

Tickets for the Travelski Express can only be booked as part of a Travelski package that includes train + trainsfer + accommodation + 7-day ski pass.

There's not fixed cost for the train element, and all the packages are dynamically priced, to respond to demand.

Travelski package prices start at approximately £720 per person.

Jake, Ant and friends

Travelski Express reviews

To find out exactly what skiers think of the Travelski Express, Snowcarbon Founder Daniel Elkan went to St Pancras in January - April 2021 to interview skiers as they arrived back into St Pancras, following their holidays.

In this way we were able to get a random sample of 'straight-from-the-horses-mouth' opinions, to help you learn from other skiers' experiences about what the Travelski Express experience is actually like.

Those interviews were done during Travelski Express' first season in operation. One would imagine that things will be evolving and hopefully improving.

Here's a link to Travelski Express reviews on Snowcarbon's website.

You can also view Travelski Express reviews on Trustpilot's website which are also informative too.

Travelski Express FAQs

Can I just book train tickets on the Travelski Express?

No. Travelski only allow bookings as part of a Travelski Express package of train, transfer accommodation and ski pass. This is unfortunate – and not good for the ski industry in general, because it means that other tour operators and accommodation providers risk losing customers to Travelski if they promote the direct train.

What time do I need to arrive at St Pancras for the Travelski Express?

You should arrive at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of your train.

What is the baggage allowance on the Travelski Express - and are skis included?

Travelski Express' website says:
'Eurostar standard luggage allowance is as follow: adults can bring along 2 items of luggage (up 85cm long) plus one small piece of hand luggage, while little ones with a child’s ticket can take 1 large bag and 1 piece of hand luggage. Children under 4 travelling do not have a luggage allowance. In addition to their standard luggage allowance, skis or snowboards can be taken on board but do not count as part of the individual allowance (i.e. 2 bags + hand luggage + skis or snowboard is fine)'

How to book the Travelski Express for winter 2023-24

You can book packages with Travelski Express directly. Or you can contact one of the ski travel agencies authorised to sell packages on Travelski's behalf.

Telephone: 0800 260 5082

Telephone: 020 8313 3999

Telephone: 01858 466888

Like some advice choosing your Travelski Express resort?
You care welcome to get in touch with Snowcarbon's Founder, Daniel, for tailored suggestions for which ski resort might suit you best.

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