How to Book

How to book lowest train fares

Advice on how to get the lowest ski train and snow train fares, and save money on ski holidays by train

How to organise a ski holiday

From years of experience, here are our tips for how to organise a ski holiday in the best ways possible

Train-travel booking guide

Train companies don't make booking tickets as easy as they should. So, we’ve created this guide to help you book your journey

Group train travel to the Alps

Travelling by train to the Alps with friends, family or colleagues is fantastic fun and a very special experience

How to choose seats on Eurostar and other trains

Here's what we know about how to book the seats that you want on Eurostar, TGV and other trains

Refunds, delays and cancelled trains

If your train is cancelled or delayed, you are entitled to a refund and compenstation respectively

Expert advice - Ask Snowcarbon

If you are looking for suggestions for ski holidays by train, SnowCarbon can offer you some great advice and options