Sunday rail-travel options to ski resorts

If your ski accommodation is Sunday - Sunday, there are plenty of rail-travel options too

TGV trains at Paris Lyon

Traditionally, most week-long ski holidays ran Saturday - Saturday.  Because of this, most rail services bringing skiers from the UK to the Alps by train serve Saturday - Saturday holidays. 

However, these days around 40% of the accommodation in the Alps runs on a Sunday - Sunday turnaround.  That means that services like the Eurostar Ski Train, which runs on Saturdays, really needs to be expanded to serve Sunday-to-Sunday holidays too. That would help many more skiers to be able to travel enjoyably and sustainably by train.

Sunday Ski Train - film and petition

Daniel (Snowcarbon Founder) says:

"This film was tremendous fun to make.  They say 'Never work with children, animals and dogs wearing ski gear.  I now know this to be true.

Please sign the petititon to persuade Eurostar to launch a Sunday - Sunday ski train"

Sunday rail travel options


Last season, Eurostar put a toe in the water and on two peak dates in February, it ran a Sunday - Sunday Ski Train.  The train ran overnight on the outbound, returning the following week in the daytime. (If you wanted to travel daytime both ways, you couldn't). 

However there are options for skiers travelling to ski resorts on Sundays.  You have to change station in Paris (which is easy by taxi) and in some cases, change train at another station too. But it's still a far more relaxing and fun journey compared to flying or driving. 

Here are some of the popular schedules, to give you an idea or departure time from London St Pancras and arrival time in the Alps:

Changing station in Paris is easy

The direct Eurostar Ski Train serves Saturday - Saturday holidays. But if the only thing putting you off travelling by train to the Alps on a Sunday is the need to change station in Paris, don't let this put you off.

If you have a fair bit of luggage (well you are going skiing, after all) or kids in tow, or you just enjoy journeys that are as smooth as possible - then pick up a taxi fro the taxi rank, or pre-book a taxi. 

The film that we made, dressed as characters from a popular TV series that we won't name, shows just how easy this can be — and will enable you to therefore enjoy a fun, comfortable and sustainable journey to the Alps — by train.



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Destination station Depart London Change at Arrive
Moutiers 09:24 Paris, Chambery 19:40
Aime la Plagne 09:24 Paris, Chambery 19:57
Bourg St Maurice 09:24 Paris, Chambery 20:17
Grenoble 09:24 Paris 17:45
Oulx 09:24 Paris 19:23
Modane 09:24 Paris 18:47
Cluses 10:24 Paris, Bellegarde 19:33
Sallanches 10:24 Paris, Bellegarde 19:47
Megeve 10:24 Paris, Bellegarde 19:56