Snowcarbon videos

Snowcarbon makes films to help you travel to the Alps by train

Plane vs Train - Race to the Alps

Is the Eurostar + TGV as fast as the direct Eurostar Ski Train?  Yes it is. 
Is it is as fast as flying? Yes, incredibly it usually is, door to door. Have a look at this Top Gear style plane vs train race where Snowcarbon co-founder Daniel Elkan races experience ski writer Neil English to the Three Valleys. 

In this film, you'll watch Daniel travel in Standard Class on Eurostar and TGV, while Neil flies by EasyJet.

Daniel certainly had a more comfortable journey - that much is obvious. But who won?

Le Paris Stopover - the film

Snowcarbon Founder, Daniel, has travelled this way with big groups of friends and found that it works really well.

The relaxed journey and the stop in Paris give even more opportunity for making the journey part of the holiday. In Paris there are lots of hotels that are right by Gare de Lyon, so that after a good nights sleep you can wake up freshed, walk out of your hotel, then 100 metres to the station and straight onto the train (perhaps picking up freshly baked croissant from the bakery by the station or the cafes inside).

He has created a two-minute film a recent trip, showing how the group travelled and had fun on the way and sneaked an afternoon on the slopes once they arrived, as this film shows.

What's the pre-booked taxi service like?

Want to see what the pre-booked taxi service is like?

We've made a one-minute film about it to show exactly what it is like - and had quite a lot of fun doing it!

Certainly a good way of travel for a family or a group of friends. It just makes things very easy.

Why Children Love Train Travel to Ski Resorts

Daniel (Snowcarbon Founder) says:

"Travelling to the Alps, it never fails to impress on me how much children love the journeys.  Walk up and down any train and you'll see very happy families  - train journey really suit children - as well as adults.

"I thought it would be interesting to make a film about what children themselves think of the journey. So at Easter I took my camera to St Pancras and got on board the Eurostar Ski Train. 

"The children interviewed in this film were all found on location in St Pancras and on the train. They had a lot to say about the journey - and skiing! Indeed, they can teach us a thing or two about how to have fun when travelling by train to the Alps."

The daytime Eurostar Ski Train

The Eurostar Ski Train to the Alps was the most direct way of getting from London to Moutiers, Aime and Bourg St. Maurice stations, which service resorts in the Tarentaise region of the French Alps.

At the moment, it's been replaced by a new service, called Eurostar Snow. The main difference is a change of train at Lille Europe station.

Travelling this way is a lot of fun, and whether on a direct train or not, the points made by the skiers interviewed still stand.

On the Eurostar Ski Train there was a cafe bar, a happy atmosphere and compared to flying or driving it is easier, more enjoyable and frequently quicker too - door to door.

This is a film that Snowcarbon founder Daniel Elkan made about it, commissioned by Eurostar.