Ski resorts by train

Les Arcs funicular film

Wed 08 December, 2021


Daniel Elkan


Some of you might be travelling to the French resort of Les Arcs this winter, or considering it for a future ski holiday.

You might know that a unique, scenic funicular railway links the station of Bourg St Maurice to the ski resort of Les Arcs. I was on holiday in Les Arcs in March 2020 (the week before Covid closed the Alps). I suggested to the tourist office that a film showing how the funicular works, including the connections to each village, would be useful for skiers planning holidays and coming by train.

I spent the next few days filming at Bourg St Maurice station, on the funicular and on the slopes. The skier in the final shot of the film is Jamie from Snowcarbon, carving the the slopes of Paradiski beautifully.

And here’s three useful things to know:

1.    This winter Les Arcs will give skiers arriving by train a free return trip on the funicular. Just present your train ticket (paper, or e-ticket) to the funicular reception desk in Bourg St Maurice (located right next to the departure of the funicular).

2.    The funicular departs every 20 minutes. If you are waiting, Charlie’s Factory (see picture) is a lovely little café right next to the funicular, and is great for a coffee or snack. You can see this in the film too.

3.    If you are coming to Les Arcs by Travelski Express, the transfer isn’t by funicular but by Travelski’s own transfer vehicles.

I hope you find this film useful.  Please do leave any comments or thoughts underneath the video, especially if you’ve taken the funicular yourself.  Your own persective and experience is really useful to other skiers.

I also have a favour to ask so that Snowcarbon can help more skiers via our YouTube channel.

This summer, YouTube to start putting adverts at the start of any video that it wants to. Previously, a relatively small channel like Snowcarbon’s could choose to not have an advertising on its channel. But now, YouTube puts advertising at the start of our videos and takes the revenue for itself. To be fair, they are probably in desperate need for another bean bag or ping-pong table for their big office in Kings Cross.

BUT as soon as we have 1000 subscribers to Snowcarbon's channel, we’ll be able to choose not to have advertising or to have skippable ads.  That will enable us to show our films without adverts getting in the way. So if you can 'hit the subscribe button' on Snowcarbon's YouTube channel, that would be much appreciated.