"It feels like you haven't left home"

Resort:  La Plagne
By:  Alex Haw

The amazing thing about taking the train is the fact that you are in your own space.  In some ways it feels like you haven’t left home, because it’s like being in a long living room that glides towards your ski resort.  In a way it’s not unlike skiing – you are on two rails shuttling through the landscape.

Everyone thinks the plane is fast, but it isn’t really compared to the train!  It’s so much more seamless, and the train pops you right into the heart of the Alps – so many resorts nearby.  Our group loved it, particularly being able to walk around and mix and talk to each other.

The Alps are so beautiful, you are in this incredible environment, zipping around on skies in all this snowy scene.

We stayed in a chalet near La Plagne called Hidden Alps, and started each day from Montchauvin – some days heading over on the Vanoise Express to Peisey and Les Arcs, and some days skiing on the La Plagne side, which has some pretty stunning terrain.