A fab Christmas week away

Resort:  La Rosiere
By:  Sara Fenton

We returned on New Year's Eve from La Rosiere after a fab Christmas week away.  We booked a train package through Crystal Ski and headed off on our drive from Cornwall to Ashford on Friday 23 December to join the night train. On the train there were bodies, including ours, sprawled across two or four seats. As a result we have decided never again to the overnight Eurostar Ski Train train!  

However, arriving in La Rosiere in time to see a beautiful sunrise was breathtaking.We were the first arrivals of the season so were able to get straight into our rooms, which was a bonus as we were shattered.  The rep took us to collect our skis and lift passes at 8.30 am and after two hours sleep we went out on the slopes about 11.30 am.  

There wasn't much snow at resort level and there were green runs lower down that weren't open, however, there were runs open back to resort level and there was plenty of skiing all week, albeit a little icy later in the day at resort level.  We skiied over to La Tuille on 3 or four of the days where the snow was really beautiful and plentiful!

On Thursday, after 6 days skiing, we decided we did not wish to face the night train journey home on New Year's Eve, so decided to pay extra and buy tickets for the day train - so 460 euros for three tickets, still felt better at the thought of daytime travel home!  

Crystal sorted a transfer for us on Saturday morning with some people on the way to Chambery, they stop at Bourg anyway and that's where the fun started!  

After an hour or so there were rumours that the night train in had broken down, then eventually about two hours late people arrived from Albertville by bus and after not a lot more information, the daytime Eurostar snow train back to the UK on New Year's Eve was cancelled.  

Eventually an announcement told us we could store our luggage for the day and wait and get the night train home!!!  There was a lot of rumours and queues and angry people, but we sat and waited for announcements, which did not really happen.  So we thought just get on a train to Paris and at least we'd be closer to home.

Eventually got on a TGV to Paris Gare de Lyon, with many others, where people had to sit on either the stairs or on the luggage that was stacked in the corridors.  Then came an announcement that Eurostar passengers had to get off at Chambery and wait an hour for another train. Then we were told we only had to get off if we didn’t have a seat..... talk about mixed messages.  There were Gendarmes on the platform at Chambery but I don't think anyone got off as corridors and stairs were still full all the way to Paris.

Luckily we did manage to get a seat on the SNCF service, which was a lot more comfortable than the Eurostar night train!  We bought subway tickets at Paris and crossed to Paris Gare du Nord, 2 stops, which was really easy once we knew which route we needed to follow signs for.  Eventually got a Eurostar to Ebbsfleet and then a hi speed back to Ashford...arriving about four or so hours later but having gained the knowledge of how easy it is to change stations in Paris.

Will definitely have no qualms about getting a train to Italy now, and may even look for a long weekend in April, ........25 years after our honeymoon in Cervinia.