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Sun 07 June, 2020


Daniel Elkan

For those who can afford to, planning ahead for happier days when we can travel across Europe again gives something to look forward to. For many, it might be the next holiday abroad.

You might be in the fortunate position to be able to plan and book a ski holiday. But how confident can you be that, if a second wave of corona causes travel options to cancel or your resort to close, you will be able to get your travel and holiday refunded? 

It seems that — for the moment at least — travel insurance generally won’t insure future holidays against cancellations due to coronavirus.

So how can you best plan and book your next ski holiday? If you’ve got questions, we at Snowcarbon want to help you get answers.  

I’m in touch with ski resort tourist offices, many of which actively partner with Snowcarbon. The good news is that the ones I’ve spoken with over the past few days are confident of their preparations for this coming winter, with social distancing in place where needed. Indeed, many are opening up for summer right now.

At the moment, I’m talking with hotels, apartments, catered chalets and tour operators who work with Snowcarbon.

And I’m talking with rail operators too. It seems to me that a lot of the guidance provided by rail operators, ticketing companies and travel websites isn’t clear or comprehensive enough when it comes to the nitty gritty about cancellations, particularly when there have been some recent, significant changes to how travellers can book rail journeys into Europe (which I’ll outline in a future newsletter, once I’ve found out more).

Although we have no affiliation with the rail industry, as an independent guide, Snowcarbon needs to improve its information too. To this end particularly, I’m putting difficult questions to the rail industry, and working with independent experts on rail-passenger rights.

Your questions will help us to

  • Put your concerns to key people at ski and travel companies
  • Improve communication by the ski industry
  • Help the ski industry to better ‘covid proof’ ski holidays.
  • Create and improve guidance on the Snowcarbon website

What would you like to know in order to be able to choose and book a holiday this year?

You can click on this link to send me an email.  Or on the button in the section below this blog.  Please do!

Best wishes,
Daniel Elkan,
Snowcarbon Founder