Ski resorts by train

Why Your Stories matter most

Tue 27 February, 2018


Daniel Elkan

You may or may not be familiar with Snowcarbon's equivalent of the campfire:  the Your Stories section.

It's one of the most important things on Snowcarbon - because it's the stories that you, dear reader, come back with and share with other skiers.

In the eight years since I created Snowcarbon, I've always tried to impart a personal touch to the site and make it an 'insiders guide'.  But the real wisdom of the site is collective - because everyone experiences things differently and has interesting insights and tips - on the train journeys, on the ski resorts and on where to stay.

Every story surprises me, because there are always perpectives that are new.  I love how Alexa Bailey describes Arc 1950 like skiing through a film set; Stuart Allen's detailed recommendations for travel from London via Paris to La Rosiere; Dylan Grimes on the friendliness of Montgenevre - making it a great resort for families; Charlotte Whiting cracking open the bubbles with fellow travellers on the Eurostar Ski Train cafe bar; Alex Haw describing the journey by TGV as like your living room moving towards the mountains  - and many more.  Check it out and and see what you think.

To get involved, just email me some words/thoughts/a review of your ski holiday by train and some photos from the holiday. What was fantastic, what could be improved, what did your party think, what was surprising, what tips and insights would you share that might help other skiers? 

These stories help other skiers and they help show that skiers want to travel by train, and why. This helps Snowcarbon to campaign for better options for skiers and to provide better information and insights.  

Hope to hear from you soon - get in touch!