Ski resorts by train

More Brits want rail travel

Mon 16 August, 2021


Daniel Elkan

It's pleasing to see a piece of research by ticket booking website Omio, reported adeptly as always by our friends at Ski Flight Free.

The new research shows that 45% of Brits would choose train over flying to ensure greater sustainablity.

It comes in a week when the IPCC report on the climate crisis gave the world a code red warning.

We need a bit of Jack Nicholson: 'You can't handle the truth!'

Because the truth is, we need to change so much about our lifestyles.

But so many of those changes would be nice changes anyway, as well as helping transform our impact on the world.

So much of the way life is organised is batshit crazy. 

Ski holidays where thousands of people shuffle through airports onto flights, instead of sitting comfortably on trains, is batshit crazy.

And for this, we need more trains, and we need it to be easier to find out about trains, and book trains.

That's what Snowcarbon and Ski Flight Free are trying to help with, alongside friends like Protect Our Winters UK, Protect Our Winters France and Montagne Verte.

Change will happen. Watch this space.

(I don't mean literally watch it, you can stop reading now)