How much for Eurostar Snow?

Eurostar Snow went on sale yesterday. We interrogated the Eurostar website to get return prices for each date that the train runs

By: Daniel Elkan
Wed, 10 Jul 2024

The Eurostar Snow service went on sale yesterday, July 9th.

Tickets didn't go on sale until about 4pm, which was odd.  Very helpfully, Eurostar decided not to say what time tickets were going on sale, meaning skiers kept having to check the site.

Three improvements in the service from last year are:

1. The train arrives about 30 minutes earlier in the Alps, and it's always good to be able to arrive a bit earlier on arrival day.

2. There are 347 seats for skiers on each train, an improvement on the 250 of last season. But it's still a tiny amount compared to what it needs to be.

3. The service now runs for 11 weeks of the ski season, instead of eight. That's an improvement, but it still beggars belief that it doesn't run in March or April. Can't Eurostar do anything properly anymore?

How much does it cost?

When Eurostar announced details of the train, all it would say about pricing was 'Tickets are from £139 each way'.  Well that doesn't tell you very much.

So I did a ticket enquiry on Eurostar's site for every date that the train is running. You can see the results in the table below.

A few key points:

1. The train can be booked one way, in either direct.

2. Return fares are exactly twice the price of a one-way fare, so no saving for getting a return.

3. For peak dates, fares are more expensive from the get go. So the 'from £139' will never apply to peak dates.

The table is a snapshot of fares on July 9th, and I'll recheck to see whether Eurostar increase their prices for these dates in respond to demand for seats, or whether they keep the prices the same until they sell out. 

Eurostar Snow 2024-25 pricing check (09 July)
Departure date Adult (return) Child (return)
  Standard Plus Standard Plus
Sat 21 Dec 2024 £398 £478 £278 £334
Sat 28 Dec 2024 £398 £478 £278 £334
Sat 04 Jan 2025 £338 £438 £236 £306
Sat 11 Jan 2025 £278 £378 £194 £264
Sat 18 Jan 2025 £338 £438 £236 £306
Sat 25 Jan 2025 £398 £478 £278 £334
Sat 01 Feb 2025 £398 £478 £278 £334
Sat 08 Feb 2025 £398 £478 £278 £334
Sat 15 Feb 2025 £598 £798 £418 £558
Sat 22 Feb 2025 £398 £478 £278 £334
Sat 01 Mar 2025* *for this date, the return train is the next day