Eurostar Snow will run for winter 2024-25

The 'Eurostar Snow' winter ski service will run for 2024-25, but has Eurostar learned anything from the first year of operation - and what's going to be different?

By: Daniel Elkan
Thu, 27 Jun 2024

Eurostar Snow is back for the second year running.

Eurostar Snow is Eurostar's indirect replacement of the direct Eurostar Ski Train service.

The return of Eurostar Snow hasn't officially been announced yet, i.e. Eurostar hasn't sent out a press release. But Eurostar has put some Eurostar Snow information on its website, and people have been sending me links to the website and saying 'Have you seen this?'

So it makes sense to write a blog about it now so that you are in the picture too.

Eurostar's Eurostar Snow page does create as many questions as it answers. These are the questions:

1. What is the actual journey schedule this year?

2. How many seats will be available?
Last year there were only 250 seats.

3. Will the service stop at Landry station (good for the resort of Peisey-Vallandry). It did last year, but the page doesn't mention Landry this time.

4. Tickets go on sale on 9th July, but what time on 9th July?

What is known is that the service goes out on a Saturday, and comes back on a Sunday. This means eight nights in total, and accommodation for eight nights is very difficult to find because, of course, most ski accommodation is based around a Sat - Sat or a Sun - Sun stay. 

Why has Eurostar done this? It's probably for logisitical reasons, but because Eurostar never seems to consult with the ski industry, it's difficult to know what factors went into this annoying decision.

This season the service is extended (last season it was very short).

The first outbound train is on Saturday 21st December 2024.
The last inbound train is on Sunday 2nd March 2025.

I'll update this article as soon as I find out more.