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Eurostar Ski Train - update plus new campaign film

Wed 30 September, 2020


Daniel Elkan

These are crazy times.

It feels like no one knows what to expect anymore.
Which makes holidays more desirable, and at the same time, less certain.

But things can change quickly. And naturally, skiers and snowboarders are hoping for the chance to make it out to the slopes.  Despite the excellent preparations that resorts and the ski industry is doing to make this possible, Covid adds unpredictability.
When things open up for winter travel, there will be train options to get you there, if you wish.  It just won’t be the direct Eurostar Ski Train this season, because it won’t be running.
However, Eurostar has at least confirmed that it will consider whether to bring the Ski Train back for the 2021-22 season, rather than ruling it out. Which makes our Save The Ski Train campaign all the more important. We are asking Eurostar to seriously engage with the ski industry rather than making decisions in its own silo. Rail travel would be much better and more successful if rail companies actually engaged with the travellers they want to transport. Who would have thunk it?

We have created a new film to go with the campaign (see below), following our open letter to Eurostar, signed by over 160 French ski resorts, tour operators, accommodation providers, ski schools and other ski-industry organisations.

Our Save Ski Train Petition has over 10,500 signatures so far. The campaign has brought skiers and the ski industry together to show that we want to keep and improve rail options to the Alps.  Particular thanks to Protect Our Winters UK, Protect Our Winters France and Ski Flight Free, Save Our Snow and France Montagnes for their co-campaigning.
Sometimes people assume that if a campaign doesn’t immediately achieve its stated aim, then ‘what was the point?’.   But of course, wars are not won by winning every battle every time. Indeed, sometimes the simple act of people getting together and making a fuss about the things they care about, helps protect those things – and similar things too.
So a big thank you to all of you who have helped in any way with the campaign, and have spread the word.  Hope you like the film. Please share in any way you can. It all helps.
Meanwhile, tickets for Eurostar + TGV journeys will go on sale in October.  The date is not yet confirmed, but we will be in touch with news about this and plenty of useful advice. And you can get in touch at any time.
Indeed, we at Snowcarbon will be on hand to help with advice on resorts, accommodation and train travel options, to help you enjoy a great ski holiday by train.
The future will get brighter. Let’s keep on standing up for things that are important and keep helping each other.