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Eurostar Ski Train - half-term pricing

Wed 20 July, 2016


Daniel Elkan

Eurostar always advertise prices for their Ski Train as 'From £149 return'.

While this is true, it seems misleading for those booking at February half term, because nowhere near that price is ever attainable.

Every year I go online and check the prices, and for half-term there is never anything near the £149 advertised.  Last year, the prices started at £400 return. But this morning, 43 seconds after the train went on sale, the price was already £499 return (see screenshot below).

So I asked Eurostar's Press Office about this, who responded: "The pricing is depending on demand, so peak date prices will be higher."

It would be far better if Eurostar was clearer about the differences between peak and non-peak pricing up front, so they don't sow the seeds fo disappointment and cause thousands of arguments in family households around the country, as Mum blames Dad, or vice versa, for missing out on cheaper fares that actually never existed in the first place.

I've asked Eurostar if they will promise to make their communication on this matter more accurate in future - and hope they will respond positively to this suggestion.

You can see all the season's prices at a glance, here: