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Save the Ski Train

Thu 09 July, 2020

Eurostar yesterday emailed its customers to say that it has cancelled the Ski Train for this winter.

Many of you will have had an email from Eurostar telling you this, and thank you for all of you who have already emailed me.

What a bonkers decision, made seemingly without any consultation of skiers or the ski industry. Eurostar has a track record, no pun intended, of launching and cancelling services without consulting. They did it with the Eurostar Lyon winter service in 2014. Then they did it with the Swiss service in 2016. Each time getting things disastrously wrong

The Ski Train to the French Alps, however, has been running successfully since 1997. What a terrible decision to cancel it now, without consultation.

But the thing about decisions, is that they can be reversed.

Today, along with our friends at Protect Our Winters, Ski Flight Free and SaveOurSnow, we will launch the Save The Ski Train campaign. Together with skiers, snowboarders, sledgers, the ski and travel industry, train lovers, environmental groups and whoever would like to lend their voice for the sake of enjoyable, sustainable journeys and a happier planet, we are aiming to persuade Eurostar to reconsider and then reinstate the Ski Train.

The petition:

The Facebook campaign page:

Hashtag, for social-media generally: #SaveTheSkiTrain