Winter 2023-24 - like some ideas?

Like some great ski-holiday-by-train options for winter 2023-24? You've picked the best time to start - and it's as easy as getting in touch

By: Daniel Elkan
Sat 11 Mar 2023
Daniel Elkan


Ski holidays by train, for winter 2023-24. Already..?

Although the current season hasn’t finished yet, this is the best time to be thinking about your holiday for next winter. 

At Snowcarbon we are working on developments to improve the website – in lots of different ways, in order to better deliver the information that you are seeking. As new content areas are updated or added, and functionality improved, I’ll let you know on this blog. 

If you are thinking ahead to 2023-24, don’t worry about trying to find options on the Snowcarbon website. Just email me telling me what you are ideally looking for, and I’ll probably be able to get some good options and useful information to you. 

Five useful questions I ask, so as to help you better from the get go: 

1.    Have you decided on a resort, or would you like suggestions for suitable ones?  
2.    What kind/s of accommodation would you like: catered chalet, hotel or self-catered apartment/chalet ?
3.    How many are in your party, and what are the ages of any children?
4.    What level of ski experience is everyone, broadly?
5.    Have you travelled by train to the Alps before?  

You can click here to send me an email. 

I'll be happy to help.

Best wishes,
Daniel Elkan
Snowcarbon Founder