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When will the French train strikes end?

Thu 02 January, 2020


Daniel Elkan

Happy New Year to all.

French workers are still in disput with the French government about pensions reform. 

And that means the French train strikes continue - now in it's 29th day, making it the longest French strike since 1968.

It's difficult to predict when they will end, because until agreement is found, no one knows. 

However, it's not sustainable for the workers or the government if the strikes contine for much longer.  Hopefully an agreement will be found.

In the meantime, here's the latest info that we've found:

BBC News:

The Local:

The Independent:

What about the Eurostar Ski Train?
The Eurostar Ski Train is still running (as are many Eurostar trains) but with significant changes to timings. This is Eurostar's page that has a link to the info about the changes to Ski Train timings this weekend:

Eurostar's page says:

"Due to ongoing national strike action in France closing some railway lines in the Alps region, we have had no option but to change the departure times of the direct Ski trains on Friday 03 January and Saturday 04 January.

The only train unaffected by the strike is the direct day train (9095) from Bourg St Maurice to London St Pancras on Saturday 04 January.These unavoidable changes ensure that these trains can still run by avoiding the line closures put in place by SNCF.

 The trains will now depart as follows:

Outbound trains

Friday 03 January2020 (Train 9096 (19.45) -London St Pancras to Moutiers and Bourg St Maurice)

·Original departure time: Friday 03 January 9096 (19.45 London St Pancras)

·New earlier departure time: Friday 03 January 9096 (12.45London St Pancras13.20Ashford International)

·New approximate arrival time of 21.00 Moutier and 21.50 Bourg St Maurice ·Additional stop in Chambery

·Additional stop in Albertville

·As the new arrival time is approximately 21.50 in Bourg St Maurice you will need to have arranged accommodation for the additional night and onward travel.

Please be advised that there is limited accommodation available in Bourg St Maurice, Moutiers or Aime la Plagne.

There will be an additional stop in Albertville and also Chambery for those who may wish to stay there.

Please do not travel unless you have confirmed accommodation for the additional night Saturday 04January2020(Train 9092 (09.45) -London St Pancras to Moutiers and Bourg St Maurice)

·Original departure time: Saturday 04January9092 (09.45 London St Pancras)

·New earlier departure time: Saturday 04January9092 (07.45)London St Pancras)

·New arrival time of 16.27Moutiers and 17.06Bourg St Maurice

Return trains

Saturday 04 January 2020 (Train 9095(09.32) -Bourg St Maurice/Moutiers to London St Pancras)

·Train still departing at original departure time: Saturday 04 January 9095 (09.32 Bourg St Maurice/09.57 Moutiers)

·You will be travelling on a different type of train. You have been re-accommodated within the system and will see new seating details on MYB and the mobile app.

Staff will be on hand at the resorts to help you findyour new seats.Saturday 04 January 2020 (Train 9099(22.12) -Bourg St Maurice/Moutiers to London St Pancras)This train has been cancelled. We can offer the following alternatives for your return to the UK:

·There is an additional service running via Lille Europe on Sunday 05 January departing Bourg St Maurice at 09.44/Moutiers at 10.14.

This train will then connect with an existing Eurostarservice to London.

To travel on this service please arrive at the station 60 minutes before

departure with your existing tickets.

The Eurostar team on site in resort will then arrange this for you.

Please note that if you do decide to travel on this Sunday service you will need to make your own arrangements to stay in resort for the additional night.

·We are able to accommodate some passengersontothedirectday train, which will depart Saturday 04January, at 09:32Bourg St Maurice /09:57Moutiers.

You can exchange on to this train, whilst availability allows here: /disruption.

·You are also entitled to a full refund of this journey if you wish to travel back to the UK by alternative means.You can request your refund here:/disruption.

·There is some limited availability on TGV services, should you choose to take an alternative route via SNCF here:

As this is a last-minute change please disregard the original times shown on printed or digital tickets and the time shown in Manage your booking or youronlineaccount.If thesenew timesarenot suitable you can either exchange your ticket for free for an alternative date in the future or request a full refund at /disruption."

Hope this information is useful, we will try our best to keep you informed with the latest info as we find it or hear it.