Ski resorts by train

Switzerland by train

Fri 07 May, 2021


Daniel Elkan

When the latest campaign from Switzerland Tourism dropped into my inbox, I naturally clicked on the link to their new campaign video, called 'No Drama'.

It features Roger Federer and Robert de Niro, which is enough to get most people clicking.

And it's very nicely done.  I thought you might enjoy it - if you haven't seen it, so here it is.



Hearing Federer talk about Swiss resorts reminded me of journeying to them by train.  The Swiss train system is excellent and the scenery.  Well, what needs to be said? Also, when things are back to normal, there's the prospect of a meal in one of the on-board restaurants as the hills and mountains roll by.

Here are some pics of mine - and some that I have from Switzerland Tourism, that you might enjoy, in prospect of a hopefully normalish winter this year.

Relaxing in the restaurant carriages

Thai chicken curry with salad

A small village near Disentis / Sedrun

A viaduct - how did they build these things?!

Getting to Swiss resorts by train has always been pretty easy:  Catch a Eurostar to Paris Gare du Nord, switch station to Paris- Gare du Lyon (easy by taxi, or RER) and then take a TGV to Basel, Geneva, Lausanne or Zurich.  From there, it's one or two more very enjoyable train rides and you are in your resort.

Don't be put off by the changes of train, either.  It's really simple in Switzerland.  Very often, the next train comes on an adjacent platform, and if not, there are lifts to connect you to the platforms, which makes it pretty easy even if you've brought the kitchen sink with you. 

You can find out more about this in our guide: how to travel to Swiss resorts by train.

'No drama', as De Niro says. Just a great experience.