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SNCF Strike on 5th and 6th December 2019

Mon 25 November, 2019


Daniel Elkan

SNCF workers are having a strike on 5th and 6th December 2019.  I don't know exactly why they are striking.

If it's for a good reason, then my sympathies are with them.  But I don't know the reason and my sympathies or not, are not the purpose of this blog article.

The purpose is to inform you off the information that I've researched about what you can do if your journey is affected. So here's a summary of the information that I've gleaned so far:

Eurostar has posted an article about the strike in their news section:

The article says:

"Trade Unions in France have called for a nationwide general strike on 5th December 2019. The strike action is likely to have a significant impact on our ability to deliver the usual timetable as we expect disruption to signalling along all routes. It is also anticipated that there will be major disruption to Metro and RER services in Paris and connecting trains to all destinations within France. For this reason, we are currently not able to sell tickets for Thursday 5 December and Friday 6 December 2019 as well as the weekend of Saturday 7 December and Sunday 8 December.

"For more information on any SNCF connecting journeys we advise you to check your train for any updates here

"For RER and Metro journeys with-in Paris you can check for updates here:

"Details of any disruption to Eurostar trains are available here. We will also be in touch with affected customers directly if we have contact details for them.

"As this Strike action will likely impact our trains, you may choose to exchange your journey free of charge. Please be advised that we can only offer an exchange to either a date before the 5 December or from Monday 9 December onwards. Exchanges for Saturday 7 December and Sunday 8 December are currently restricted until the ongoing impact of the strike is known." 

This is the link to exchange your Eurostar tickets: