Ski resorts by train

Ski holidays by train for the 2019-20 season

Wed 13 March, 2019


Daniel Elkan

It's great to read the emails coming in from skiers who are already hungry to get back to the slopes in 2019-20, and that's before this season has even finished!

I'm helping each enquiry that comes in, but will shortly be creating the 2019-20 Snowcarbon Jourey Planner so that you can start planning journeys ahead.

I'm also going through all the guides on the site to improve them and add new ones, so that the advice on the site becomes more useful.

So watch this space - I'm looking forward to helping you find and create fantastic ski holidays by train for next season,

I'll be doing this over the next two weeks, and as things develop I'll update the blog to point you to what's new.

Best wishes,

Daniel Elkan, Snowcarbon Founder