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New resort-specific booking guides on Snowcarbon

Thu 20 June, 2019


Daniel Elkan

The Eurostar Ski Train goes on sale in mid-July. The exact date hasn’t been announced by Eurostar yet. Eurostar normally divulges this date about a week in advance.

Of course, there are far more train journeys to the Alps than just the Eurostar Ski Train. Indirect journeys via Paris generally go on sale 90 days in advance, with booking predicted (by me, based on previous years) to be around the 10th October 2019.

To help you better know when to book — and how to book, we’ve created a new kind of section on Snowcarbon. We call these the resort-specific booking guides.

For each ski resort listed in Snowcarbon, we’ve created a unique rail-travel booking guide.
For example, for Serre Chevalier in France, you’ll now find the page: How to book rail travel to Serre Chevalier.

This page contains guidance on how to book independent rail fares and booking ski packages with rail-travel included too. You can’t actually book travel on the Snowcarbon website, but you can find out all about how to.  Our guide tells you when you can book, roughly how much it might cost and your options for booking online, over the phone or via expert rail-booking agencies who can take care of the whole thing for you.  Think of it like a very experienced friend who has done lots of research for you, to save you time and to guide you to the right choices. But, as ever with any content on Snowcarbon, if there’s something that isn’t clear or could be improve in any way — just let us know. We always think of the website as an evolving ‘work in progress’ — because there will always be ways that we can improve it — especially with your feedback.

Now let’s say you are considering Les Arcs for your next ski holiday. If you don’t know Les Arcs, you might start by reading the about the resort, slopes, village and where to eat and go out. If you knew the resort already, you might check out the Snowcarbon.- Les Arcs Journey Planner, to browse the best journey schedules. You might visit the Les Arcs transfer guide page to see how to get from Bourg St Maurice station to Les Arcs. You could then read the guide to booking train travel to Les Arcs – so you’ll how all about how to do so. You can then find out about the best accommodation (just drop us an email, we’ll be happy to help), browse ski packages to Les Arcs with rail-travel included or book independent travel once it’s on sale.

Here are examples of some of the guides, so you can check them out:

How to book train travel to Avoriaz
How to book train travel to La Plagne
How to book train travel to Les Gets

How to book train travel to Sauze d'Oulx
How to book train travel to St Anton
How to book train travel to Tignes
How to book train travel to Val Cenis
How to book train travel to Val Thorens

Hope you like the guides - let us know what you think.