Ski resorts by train

More questions than answers

Thu 21 May, 2020


Daniel Elkan

The long run of sunny weather continues in the UK.  It’s hardly weather to make you think about skiing.  But with the coronavirus situation, skiing might be the first holiday abroad that some people have, and as a skier told me yesterday, their ski holidays are more important than their summer ones.  

After some weeks when things went very quiet, it’s good to see people contacting Snowcarbon to ask for recommendations for ski holidays by train, which we can of course help with.  And that ski resorts have this week begun contacting tour operators to let them know of the 2020-21 ski pass rates.  The mood in the Alps is quietly positive winter 2020-21, but no one can take anything for granted.

Of course, when it comes to holidays abroad generally, ski holidays included, there are more questions than answers, as the song by Johnny Nash goes.

1.    How will I get there?
2.    What will it be like when I get there – what might be different?
3.    What if there is a second wave of coronavirus, and my destination has to close suddenly, or my means of travel is cancelled?

There are so many unknowns at this stage.  What we hope to see is rail-travel coming back strongly as one of the most reliable and safest methods of travel.

At Snowcarbon, we are compiling information about rail-travel options and will update the site as we get these, so that you have access to clear information about what your options are, what you can book, and when.

And of course, we are always on hand to give top-notch suggestions for great resorts and accommodation.

It’s vital, of course, for people to know what they can do if things in the event that resorts have to close or trains are cancelled.  

Back in March, when coronavirus caused the sudden closure of ski resorts and the cancellation of flights and trains, there was a huge scramble for information about how to get refunded. The communication from some travel companies wasn’t clear.  On top of that, swamped with claims suddenly, travel insurance companies took weeks to answer claim applications (some claims no doubt are still awaiting responses).

At Snowcarbon, we’d really love to hear your questions about next season.

Not just about which resort or accommodation to choose, but also your concerns about how best to travel and book for next season.

Knowing your questions will help us gather information and answers for you.  So please do get in touch.