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French trains on sale tomorrow morning — for 28th March onwards

Tue 11 January, 2022


Daniel Elkan

Hi everyone,

After a long wait, it’s been announced that tickets for trains in France will go on sale tomorrow morning (12th January) for dates from 28th March through to May 12th.

Although travel to France from the UK is currently banned for holidays, the French government has indicated that this is about to change. That announcement is expected to come tomorrow, and the signs are good that ski holidays will be able to go ahead to the French Alps again. But please do check the news before booking anything. And of course, check what the latest covid-jab requirements are to enter France, too, so that you are fully aware before booking.

What time tomorrow morning do trains go on sale?  I asked this question to SNCF’s press office, but they don’t know. The press release didn’t say a time, but the press officer said the thought it would be early morning like last time (5am UK time, 6am French time). It’s ridiculous that SNCF doesn’t actually specify a time, because someone their makes the decision and must know. It’s not like it happens by magic or is triggered once the wind is blowing strongly enough.

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Best wishes,
Daniel Elkan
Snowcarbon Founder