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French Train strikes - the definitive guide for skiers

Thu 09 January, 2020


Daniel Elkan

The French train strikes continue. They've been going now since 5th December, and it's not yet known when they will finish.

In a situation like this, it's crucial that rail companies and ticket agencies provide really clear information to travellers and potential travellers, about options. We've seen that in some cases operators and ticket agencies are not communicating very clearly or proactively. 

The aim of this blog post is to create a definitive guide that we will keep as updated as possible.  We'll try to organise it into a number of sections.

Train companies and ticket agencies

Strike information page:
Contact details:

Rail Europe (formerly Loco2)
Strike information page:
Contact details:

Strike information page:

What about the Eurostar Ski Train?
The Eurostar Ski Train is still running (as are many Eurostar trains) but the Friday evening direct overnight Ski Train has (for the past few weeks) been changed to a Friday daytime service.  This means it arrives in the Alps on Friday evening, and you'll need to book accommodation for the Friday evening at one of the stations that it stops at - certainly for this Friday 10th January, but

Eurostar Ski Train 10th/11th January
This is Eurostar's page that has a link to the info about the changes to Ski Train timings this weekend - 10th/11th January:

Eurostar Ski Train 17th/18th January
Eurostar has not communicated or published any information yet, as far as we know, about changes to the timetable. However, based on previous weeks, the Friday overnight train will become a Friday daytime train (leaving London about lunchtime).

Exchanging your rail tickets

If your trains have been cancelled, you can exchange your tickets for a different train that is running. Or you can get a refund instead. You can do this by contacting the rail company or ticket agency that you purchased your tickets from.

Planning alternative routes