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Eurostar vouchers to refunds (for cancelled journeys)

Fri 05 June, 2020


Daniel Elkan

A little discovery that might be useful to those of you who have received a voucher from Eurostar for a cancelled Eurostar journey, but would actually prefer, or need, a refund.

You can phone Eurostar Reservations (03432 186 186) and say that you’d like your voucher converted to a refund. And they will do it for you.

This seems to be a very recent change of policy by Eurostar, and it’s not one that they have announced. Previously, Eurostar said that anyone who had already accepted a voucher had forfeited their right to a refund.

I found out about this by phoning Eurostar Reservations. Staff told me that this voucher-to-refund request has to be made by phone. It can’t be made by email or online. Also, you won’t find anything about this on the Eurostar website – because as mentioned, it’s not something they are proactively telling people about.

A case of ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’, as the saying goes.

You might need to request the refund within two months of your date of travel.  I’m not certain about that bit.

And I believe this only works if you booked your tickets directly with Eurostar, not via an agent or third-party website such as Trainline, Europe or SNCF website.

Also, Eurostar Reservations also told me that names can be changed on vouchers, which gives more flexibility about who is coming with you if you do choose to keep your voucher.

Eurostar Reservations number is:
(+44) 03432 186 186.
Currently open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Closed at weekends. Doesn’t seem to take long to get through these days, with so few people currently able to go on holiday.

Of course, if you are fine with a voucher, there’s no need to do anything.