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Eurostar + TGV journeys - first dates - on sale tomorrow

Mon 05 October, 2020


Daniel Elkan

Tickets for SNCF winter trains in France being to go on sale tomorrow - Tuesday 6th October.

Travel for dates from Sunday 13th December 2020 to Monday 4th January 2021 become bookable tomorrow morning (Tuesday October 6th).  You'll be able to book the whole journey from the UK to the Alps, by Eurostar and TGV (for travel within that period).

Incredibly, however, for the second year running, SNCF doesn’t actually let the travellers know what time tickets go on sale.  It’s the equivalent of organising a party but not bothering to put the start time on the invitation.

Ridiculous as that is, it seems to matter less this year.  The uncertainty caused by the covid pandemic means there is unlikely to be a huge rush for tickets immediately, in the way that in a normal year there would be.

Additionally, SNCF still hasn’t yet decided when tickets for 4th January onwards go on sale. But as soon as I know, I’ll let you know (hopefully with more notice).

What is important to know, of course, is that if you book train journeys and your train journey is cancelled, passenger law states that you are entitled to a monetary refund if you want one.  But the merits of booking now vs ‘wait and see’ is of course a matter of individual judgement.   

Snowcarbon can of course help you with personalised suggestions for which resort to choose, where to stay, which journeys to choose and how to book. So do get in touch if we can help.