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Eurostar puts more Dec - Jan trains on

Mon 18 October, 2021


Daniel Elkan

Some good news from Eurostar.  It’s put loads more trains on sale for the period between 12th December 2021 and 8th January 2022.

That bodes well for journeys later in January, February, March and April too. Although Eurostar hasn’t put additional trains on sale yet for those months, one would expect it to follow suit in a similar way.  

The newsletter from Eurostar contained a link to a rather useful page on Eurostar’s website – one that I didn’t know existed. It’s a calendar view of the cheapest fares for journeys to Paris or Brussels for any given date. (Prices to Lille are the same as prices to Brussels, as it’s the same Eurostar train).

This is the link to the Eurostar calendar page:

I did ask Eurostar whether there is a shorter, more memorable link, but apparently not.

Of course, the cheapest fare may not be for the specific Eurostar train you want or need to take, but it’s still a useful indication of how prices vary by date.