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Equipment Rental Delivery: A Better Way to Rent

Sun 22 September, 2019


Jamie Serjeant

One of the great advantages of going by rail is that your holiday starts on the train – before you even reach you resort. Plus, if you take the overnight Eurostar Ski Train both ways, you’ll get two extra day of skiing on your holiday.

But whichever way you travel to the slopes, there’s always one thing that’s a faff: picking up rental equipment.

On transfer days, the shops are often busy and you might end up spending time waiting around - as you may have experienced. Then you have to haul the equipment back to your accommodation. And hopefully you won’t want to make any changes - that’ll be another trip back to the shop, thank you.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the only way to avoid this is to buy your own equipment and escape renting forever — the snowsports equivalent of getting on the housing ladder. But a growing alternative is ski and snowboard rental delivery.


What’s equipment rental delivery?

Yes, in a world where everything and anything can be delivered to your door, you can now have your rental skis, boots, boards, poles and helmets delivered to the comfort of your chalet, hotel or apartment.

Of course, you’ll still need to get your gear fitted. That’s where companies like Doorstep Skis (Morzine) and Slidecandy (Meribel & La Tania) come in. They let you pre-book your equipment in advance and arrange to drop by and fit it all after you’ve arrived in resort. So you can enjoy more of the chalet cake and worry less about lugging skis back up the hill. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what your arrival time is, because they will fit things around you – no pun intended.

If after you’ve hit the slopes you realise the equipment isn’t quite right, you can call them up and they’ll fix it for you back at your accommodation - easy.


Where can I get equipment rental delivery?

Doorstep Skis: Morzine

Slidecandy: Meribel & La Tania

Rental Republic: Belle Plagne, Aime La Plagne, Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry, La Rosière, Sainte Foi, Val d’Isère, Tignes, Meribel, Courcheval, Val Thorens

We’ve tried Doorstep Skis and Slidecandy several times when we’ve been on chalet holidays ourselves, for groups of around 25 friends. The companies were able to cope amply, and the process was very smooth. (One time we arranged for them to come during dinner, with people slipping away two by two to get fitted, and returning ten minutes later all sorted.) They've definitely proven a game changer in what’s possible with chalet rental – and we’d certainly recommend using this kind of service.