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Bus timetables - in English please

Wed 14 February, 2018


Daniel Elkan

Some things in transport are just bonkers.

In the 2017-18 ski season, the organisation that governs the buses in the Tarentaise decided not to publish them in English anymore.

Normally, you could get hold of a PDF of the bus timetable for a given route, for example from Bourg St Maurice to Tignes, and there would be a French version and an English version.

Obviously, if you don't speak French, it's anything from reassuring to essential to be able to see a timetable in English. 

"What's 'Vendredi', Darling? Is that Thursday or Friday?'

The costs of running a bus are considerable.  The costs of translating a timetable into English are a fraction of that. So why stop translating bus timetables into English?

To be clear: Altibus market and some of these buses routes, but Altibus didn't make the decision about French-only timetables (and Altibus' website is still in English too).  I've had discussions with Altibus I do intend to see if I can get the bus companies to promise to publish in English this coming season.

It would help everyone.

I'll let you know how I get on.