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Booking the Eurostar Ski Train to La Plagne

Wed 14 August, 2019


Daniel Elkan

La Plagne is a fantastic resort in the French Alps.  Perhaps you've been there. Perhaps you are planning to go.

You can get there on the direct Eurostar Ski Train.  Easy peasy.

However, if you are booking the Eurostar Ski Train to La Plagne, there are several important things to know.

1. The closest station to La Plagne is Aime la Plagne.
2. The Eurostar Ski Train stops at Aime la Plagne on the outbound journey only.
3. On the return journey, the Eurostar Ski Train doesn't stop at Aime la Plagne.  That's because at Aime la Plagne station, there are not the passport-checking and baggage check facilities that are needed when boarding the Eurostar Ski Train (because the train is an international train going direct to the UK, so they need to do that).  So instead, you need to get on the train one stop earlier, at Bourg St Maurice.
4. Currently, the Eurostar website cannot cope with this issue.  So if you unknowingly try to book from London to Aime la Plagne, it will tell you that "there are no trains coming back on your chosen date at the moment" (see screenshot below).  However, the message on the website is actually saying something that isn't true.  Because the Ski Train is available - you just can't book it to Aime la Plagne on Eurostar's website.
5. Together with the Tourist Office of La Plagne, Snowcarbon has written to the chief executive of Eurostar to make the company aware of the problem. Eurostar has responded:
""The message given on the website during the booking path is not ideal, this is due to a technical issue we currently have, that we are working to resolve next year. In the meantime we are going to display an updated message within the next few weeks during the booking process."

To help make things clearer, we've created a graphic graphic of railway stations in the Tarentaise area of the French Alps. You can see which stations the Eurostar Ski Train calls at and which railway stations TGV trains from Paris call at too. Hope this helps clarify the situation, and how you can travel to La Plagne - amongst other great resorts in the Tarentaise too.

Snowcarbon Tips icon Top Tips

  • Star icon There is no inbound Eurostar Ski Train stop at Aime Le Plagne. If you’re staying in La Plagne, you’ll need to get the Ski Train back from Bourg St Maurice (Bourg St Maurice station is easier access from La Plagne than Moutiers station)
  • The Eurostar Ski Train has a daytime (Saturdays) and overnight service (Friday nights out, Saturday nights back) every week of winter.
  • The first outbound Eurostar Ski Train is Friday 20th December 2019 and the last returning train is Saturday 4th April 2020.
  • Multiple TGV trains depart throughout Saturdays and Sundays (and some weekdays) during the winter season.