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Booking the Eurostar Ski Train to La Plagne

Wed 17 October, 2018


Daniel Elkan

La Plagne:  great resorts, great skiing, great journey there on the Eurostar Ski Train.

However, there's a glitch in Eurostar's booking system: skiers wanting to book the direct Eurostar Ski Train to La Plagne get told by Eurostar's website that the return journey is unavailable. 

How the problem happens
The nearest station to La Plagne is called Aime La Plagne. You can travel to Aime La Plagne on the direct Eurostar Ski Train. However, because Aime La Plagne station doesn't have a passport and customs check facility, on the return journey back to the UK, you can't board the Eurostar Ski Train there.  You need to get on at Bourg St Maurice's station.

Eurostar's website can't cope with this, so if you put in 'Aime la Plagne' as your destination, it will wrongly tell you: 'Sorry, there are no trains coming back on your chosen date. Can you come back another day?'  (see screenshot below)

The solution
Book return tickets to Bourg St Maurice instead (see screenshot below), which is one stop after Aime La Plagne (the price is exactly the same).  On the outbound you get off at Aime la Plagne.  And on the inbound you board at Bourg St Maurice (as you would need to in any case).


Is Eurostar going to fix the problem on its website?
I hopes so and I've asked the team at Eurostar. I'll let you know what they say. Really, this is a problem that should be easy to fix.  And they really ought to do so, because at the moment it's doing potential clients a huge disservice. Indeed, skiers could come to Eurostar's website, not know any better, and then end up maistakenly thinking they need to fly or drive to reach La Plagne. That would be a shame.

Does the problem affect journeys with the TGV to and from Paris?
No.  TGVs don't require you to do a customs check - because you are travelling to Paris on the TGV, not to the UK.