All you need to know about ski holidays by train

Winter booking opens on 17th October

Tue 08 October, 2013

Rail Europe has just announced that the winter 2013-14 booking horizons - which mean that you can book journeys that use a Eurostar + at TGV train or a Eurostar + a Corail Lunea sleeper train  (the Eurostar Ski Train is already on sale).

The booking window opens at 5am on the 17th October.

The booking windows are never as simple as it could or should be, but it works like this:

Booking window Dates you can book travel for
From 17th October    15th December 2013 to 16th January 2014
From 17th  - 16th November Three months ahead
From 17th Nov - 18th December Up until 17th March 2014
From 19th December Three months ahead


In a statement issued today, Rail Europe explain:"On Thursday 17th October ’13 at 5am, French trains running to the new winter timetable will go on sale. Trains begin operating to the winter timetable on Sunday 15th December ’13.
"Normally, French trains can be booked a maximum of 3 months in advance of the date of travel, but the switch over to the winter timetable means that the booking horizons change slightly for a couple of months.
"Customers wishing to travel between 15th December ‘13 and 16th January ‘14 inclusive, including the Christmas and New Year period will be able to book their travel on 17th October ’13.
"The 3 month rule will apply again for customers wishing to travel between 17th January and 14th February ‘14 inclusive. So for example, on 18th October, it will be possible to book travel up to and including 18th January ’14, and on 19th October, travel up to 19th January ‘14 will be available.
"Customers wishing to travel between 15th February and 17th March ‘14 inclusive including the half term holiday period will be able to book from Friday 15th November ’13 at 5am.
"For any trains running from 18th March ’14 onwards, the usual 3 month booking horizon will apply, so anyone wanting to book a train on 19th March ’14 will need to wait until 19th December ’14
"The winter timetable features increased services on routes popular with skiers, such as the Paris to Bourg St Maurice overnight service, which usually runs every night throughout the winter ski season.
"To book or for further information, call Rail Europe on 0844 848 5 848, visit or call into the Rail Europe Travel Centre at 193 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EU."You'll also be able to book these journeys on and too.