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Which Corail Lunea trains are bookable?

Sun 21 October, 2012

From emails we’ve been getting, and talk on Snowheads, it is clear that some skiers are having a frustrating time trying to book the Corail Lunea sleeper train.

These are skiers who, white reasonably, want to take this train so they can get extra time on the slopes and sleep in a flat couchette bed (the direct overnight Eurostar Ski Train only has reclining seats).

One justifiably frustrated skier is David, who contacted us to try and find out whether and when the overnight journey for travel to Tignes on 11th - 19th January will be bookable.

When David phone Rail Europe, a member of staff  at the call centre told him: “It could be because all the tickets had been released early on 13 October and were already sold.”

That scenario is very unlikely. We'd bet a penny to a pound that that is not the case. One way of verifying the unlikelyness of this is by checking other, earlier dates which are already on sale.

Simply by picking other Fridays (4th January , 28th December) and looking online you can see that Corail Lunea’s on this date are on sale and bookable.  So, why would Friday 11th January - a low season date - already be sold out when peak dates like 28th December are still on sale? The answer is, it wouldn’t.

Checking availability and prices just shouldn't be as difficult as it is. Ridiculous.  So here's something to make it easier:

We have begun to check live prices for you, just one one route so far..

The table below shows prices for Eurostar + Corail Lunea to Moutiers, Aime and Bourg St Maurice, to give you a rough overview and save you time in the first instance. And soon we'll add daytime trains too.

The prices below were checked on 21st October.

Overnight travel  - Eurostar + Corail Lunea to Moutiers, Aime or Bourg St Maurice

Outbound journey: Depart London  on Eurostar 18:01, change in Paris, take 23:13 Corail Lunea to arrive Moutiers at 07:09/Aime at 07:28/Bourg St Maurice at 07:49.

Inbound journey: Depart Bourg St Maurice at 20:05/Aime at 20:27/Moutiers at 20:48, change in Paris and take 08:13 Eurostar to arrive London 09:30

Fri outbound - Sat inbound date Return price, per adult, with standard class in six-berth couchette  
14th Dec - 22th Dec £313 Book with Rail Europe
21nd Dec - 29th Dec £399 Book with Rail Europe
28th Dec  - 5th Jan £320 Book with Rail Europe
4th Jan - 12th Jan Outbound only (£132) Book with Rail Europe
11th Jan - 19th Jan Not bookable yet  
18th Jan - 26th Jan Not bookable yet  
25th Jan - 9th Feb Not bookable yet  
1st Feb - 9th Feb Not bookable yet  
8th Feb - 16th Feb Not bookable yet  
15th Feb - 23rd Feb Not bookable yet  
22rd Feb - 2nd Mar Not bookable yet  
1nd Mar - 9th Mar Not bookable yet  
8th Mar - 9th Mar Not bookable yet  
15th Mar - 23rd Mar Not bookable yet  
22rd Mar - 30th Mar Not bookable yet  
29th Mar - 6th Apr Not bookable yet  
5th Apr - 14th April Not bookable yet