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Peak dates sell in minutes for Eurostar Ski Train

Tue 06 August, 2013

You might have got out of bed as early as we did, to check fares on the Eurostar Ski Train.

Tickets went on sale at 06:30 this morning.

At 06:46 (the first time that the site gave us a price), the prices for peak dates had already rocketed: Christmas and New Year were both already £299 per adult retun, and February half-term already £369 return.

Considering prices are supposed to start at £149 return, that is big hike very quickly.  It does make you wonder how many £149 tickets actually exist on peak dates. Or maybe they really do sell very quickly in those first few minutes.

Most other dates have so far stayed at £149 return.

There's a page that you can view on our website with regularly checked fares, so that you can see prices across the season at a glace.

It's called Ski Trains Price Check. Hope you find it useful