All you need to know about ski holidays by train

Eurostar’s new film captures romance of train travel

Mon 10 December, 2012

If you’ve ever woken up at 2am to stand in an airport queue that seems longer than the flight itself, or huddled around the luggage carousel as it – hopefully - churns out your luggage, you’ll know that there isn’t much fun, or romance, about flying to a ski resort.And if you’ve taken the train, you’ll know that there is.

Sure, there is still a check-in at St Pancras. But it takes moments, not hours, and comes without the airport-style hassle.Once aboard the Eurostar, you can begin to relax and settle in to your forthcoming holiday as the train glides through the Kent countryside and into France, at 186mph, towards your resort.

Train travel into Europe certainly feels fun and feels romantic, and so we are glad to see that Media Ark have created a lovely a short film/advertisement, for the new Eurostar Service to the Swiss Alps, that captures some of this sentiment very well.

Train travel gives you something that a journey by plane never can, so it is good to see marketing from a train company that is a bit more aggressive and proud of this. The more publicly proud a company is of the experience it offers, the higher the standards it then needs to keep. That creates a virtuous circle for the traveller.  

Of course, the romance of the train is only one half of the story.  Skiers have to be able to book the train easily, whether independently or with a tour operator.  Clear information about costs, timetables, transfers, what the trains are like is crucial.  At Snowcarbon are working with train companies and tour operators in order to help achieve exactly that, so that more skiers be able to take the train.

Enjoy the film – and enjoy the journey. It is part of your holiday.

Eurostar Put the Romance Back into Travel from Media Ark on Vimeo.